Virtual TV Set
With background in design, planning
and graphic TV SYMA has earned a trustworthy name in Virtual TV Set.

Our task is developing outstanding design projects for television and other business. We have a perfect understanding for architecture and interior design, as well as for designing sets for different television programs, movies, games and playoffs.

We learn, adjust and adapt this data to our own substantial expertise and skill set. Based on our 15-year experience and familiarity with what creates a great camera shot, we endeavor to create complete and genuine sets.

With experience in design, planning and graphic, we clinch technology from 3D, rendering and compositing software
to camcorders, lighting and LED or plasma screens.

We combine our skills with the vision for imaginative design, configuration, illumination and detail in order to develop your set and production.

We set out to make each new business our best yet.

New Projects

What We Do

We are quite aware that your set is part of a greater representation. Therefore, we always ensure that it supports and helps build your product. At the same time, we also ensure that the design of your set is compatible with the content of your broadcast.

Expanding your trademark and content

Our technology allows us also to create high impact, great quality Internet Videos and Virtual Set for Events, Studios, and your business.
If you would like to find out how we can work together to produce Virtual Set for your TV station, events, global audience, and channel.

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